5 Fantastic Reasons To Harness and Use Solar Power

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Really simply put, ‘Solar energy’ is energy that is derived from the sun. Our sun is an abundant source of energy; it gives of heat and light.

All said and done, it was not lost regard; the sun definitely is a plentiful and limitless source of power, at least for several generations to come; the benefits for using its solar power are numerous.

It’s Free

Every morning with each dawn, the solar power released by the sun comes infiltrated our atmosphere providing light and helping to radiate heat. This has actually been taking place for millions of years yet it is just recently that we have begun to profit from this abundant source of almost limitless power.

In the past the Greeks and the Egyptians have been understood to harness the power of the sun to heat whatever they wanted to by concentrating its radiation.

It’s Non-Polluting

The energy from the sun is tidy and without any pollutants; unlike different sources of energy present today like petroleum or natural fuels that leave back residues and typically leave back hazardous gases when used to produce energy.

Very Reliable

The sun has actually been burning for roughly 4 and a half billion years now and is likely to burn on for another four to five billion years to come. That’s certainly more than our lifetimes and certainly more than several generations of the future. Every early morning it without delay appears and disappears for the evening while it illuminate another part of the world.

The saying “as sure as day” did not happen for nothing; presuming the sun is shining brilliantly, depending upon which part of the world you are you can harness the energy of the sun to either store it away or use its energy in a different way.


There is no restriction on how much energy we can utilize from the sun. Apparently, the quantity of energy that comes from the sun every couple of minutes if effectively harnessed can power the whole United States of America for a whole year. If we were just able to harness the enormous energy of the sun we would have the ability to solve all the worlds’ energy problems.


Ever question why no one thought about this earlier? How come if there’s so much energy just lying around, we simply can not seem to efficiently harness it? How it that a lot of the sun energy appears to go absolutely undetected and is ultimately squandered?

Well among the reasons that this fantastic power reserve is typically wasted is the truth that the sunshine that we really receive is so very finely dissipated across the earth to be able to contribute significantly enough if we attempt to harness it.

For us to be able to really harness the power of the sun we need to be able to control, focus and store the sun’s energy. While this might seem easy it is simpler stated than done; So far we have actually only managed to develop 3 partly effective methods of collecting solar power.

The Reflection Method– Mirrors/Parabola

The reflection approach is based upon the concentration of the sun’s rays through a single or a set of mirrors onto one point and after that making use of the focused heat that is produced for out need. A parabolic mirror much like a dish antenna can be utilized to record the sun’s rays and focus them on a single point.

The Radiation Method

This is the principle behind the solar hot water heater. Painted black pipelines sandwiched between two layers of glass, have water inside them that is heated thanks to the rays of the sun.

Solar Panels

A more recent innovation the ‘solar battery’ is made up of treated silicon crystals, which when struck by the rays of the sun knock electrons out of their orbits and thereby produce a void that requires to be filled by electrons from the other silicon crystals, this develops an imbalance of electrons and thus a flow of existing which can be either instantly made use of otherwise kept away in a rechargeable battery.

what’s stopping us?

In spite of the evident benefits of using solar power it is most regrettable that there are really few solar energy plants worldwide. Sadly, with today’s level of innovation, cost and reliability are two major factors that are still obstacles in the way of mass usage of solar energy.

Technological restrictions dictate that the most effective solar batteries developed today are still not efficient in producing enough power to be commercially feasible without occupying big surface areas. Reliance exclusively on solar cells in not yet practical, for if there were to be a cloudy day it could minimize the quantity of electrical energy created and that would be disastrous for those individuals completely reliant on that energy.

On the bright side, consistent development and research study on solar power is leading to far more effective solar batteries that are a fraction of the size of existing cells and produce much more power. For now they are still costly, however not far is the day when they will be economical and readily available to the commoner.