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Fossil fuel has been used as an energy source as long as guy has actually found out to produce power. Fossil fuel has been around for ages and when guy started utilizing this energy sources no one though about the consequences. Fossil fuels are more terrifies, to need for fossil fuels will still be here and will not decrease in near future.

Alternative energy sources are growing in interest. For example, locations with high water falls are exploring on constructing a hydro-electric power plant, which ends up being effective. Other areas with high wind speed utilize a power wind mills that can convert wind power into electrical energy. Thermal and tidal powers are excellent options.

Solar energy is also one of the energy sources that is gaining in interest. Solar power has actually progressively been growing. Today solar power is commonly utilized in the US and the advantages are various. Our solar power source, the sun, its life span is estimated to be another 4.5 billion years. It is fair to say that this energy source is practically endless.

Rate of Energy from the Sun

The sun’s radiation reaches a particular unit of area in area in the region of the Earth’s orbit and is approximated to be at 1,400 watts per square meter. Out of this, solar batteries (likewise called solar cells) can capture 19 to 56 watts per square meter (for 15% performance) or an equivalent of 0.45 to 1.35 kilowatt per hour (kWh) in a yearly day and night average.

If there would be more area that will be covered by several solar panels, these panels can produce a little more energy in the type of electrical power than what is currently offered from oil, gas, and other sources of energy combined (presuming 8% solar cell effectiveness).

Conversion of Solar Energy

There are 2 ways of conversion of solar energy. First is the direct solar power which involves only one conversion into a usable kind. For instance:

  • Sunlight strikes the solar cell, converting it into electrical energy.
  • Sunlight strikes the absorber surface of a solar thermal collector, converting into thermal energy which can be used to heat houses during winter.

The second is the indirect solar energy which involves more than one conversion to reach a functional form. :

  • Plants utilize photosynthesis to change solar power to chemical energy, which can be burned later as fuel to produce electrical energy (likewise referred to as bio-fuel innovation).
  • Hydroelectric dams and wind turbines are indirectly supplied by solar energy through its interaction with the Earth’s environment.

Benefits and drawbacks of Solar Energy

Similar to any other types of energy resources, solar power has its outs and ins.


  • Pollution-free.
  • Solar facilities can be run with little extra input or upkeep.
  • It is plentiful. As discussed earlier, the majority of the populated areas here on Earth can be reached by sunshine.


  • Although it is abundant, non-tropical locations can receive little sunlight. Thus, power that will be produced in these locations is a minimum.
  • Only during daytime thus not readily available during night time.
  • Photovoltaic cell technologies produce direct current (DC) power which requires to be converted to alternating current (AC) power utilized in distribution grids.

Once massive advancement of using solar power is emerged, expect that every home or market on the planet will now be powered by solar energy. It is not just a dream, it will be a dream become a reality.

Solar energy is likewise one of the energy sources that is acquiring in interest. Today solar energy is extensively utilized in the United States and the advantages are various. Our solar energy source, the sun, its life period is estimated to be another 4.5 billion years. There are 2 methods of conversion of solar energy. Is the direct solar energy which includes just one conversion into a functional type.


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