Learning More About Off Grid Solar Systems

Published in Solar Power on 19th March 2018

Solar power has been around for some time now and even if there are so many people who would love to just take advantage of it, the fact is that there are still too few companies that are offering it on a commercial level. Many people are still having a lot to learn when it comes to this type of energy and many of them are considering making the change really soon.

Even though some people might have something negative to say about them, one thing is true: if you want to start using one such solar panel, then you will be doing the planet a very good service by keeping it safe from the pollution. Other power sources would have caused upon it. You will see that after you will use it, you will never want to hear about any other sources of power again.

Creating a Solar Panel

If you want to create such a system, you should know that this is a very simple thing to do and all you need is some good tutorials and a handy man to get things right with your first shot, otherwise you will have high chances of damaging the equipment or if not, you will get to waste your time.

To have such a system going on, you will need to use some Photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic is actually a word that was formed through a combination of the name of physicist Allesandro Volta and the Greek word that means Light.


If you have decided that you want to make this step and switch to green energy, then you should know that this step is very important as it involves a lot of money. But if you have the necessary funding and think that this is the only way you will want to harness energy from now on, then you will need:

  • One solar panel
  • One storage battery
  • One inverter
  • One charge controller

Savings When Buying Solar Panels for Your Home

Even though there are many factors which will affect the amount of money you will be able to save if you use solar panels, an average solar panel system producing 430 KW will allow you to save around $50 each and every month in utility costs. In December though the money savings will drop to around thirty dollars a month, but expect them to even go double in the summer months.

The Payoff Term

This describes the amount of time people will have to use the solar panels for until they will recover all of the money they invested in them and get to save money on the utility costs. Generally, if you will buy solar panels you will have to wait around 5 years until you will recover all of your money back, but that is certainly something you’ll find to be short and a good investment overall. There are cases in which 5 years can be 1 or 2 years, if we’re talking about sunny climates and very efficient panels. On the other hand, the panels in rainy climates will pay off in maximum ten years.


If you want to buy more solar panels, then that is no problem, as you will be able to benefit from more solar energy if you install more than one. You will be able to wire them together so that they generate enough power to power your entire house. You will see that at the end of the month you will never have to pay a dime for your electricity bill, as you will be the one to produce your own electricity.

If you can produce enough of it, then you can also sell it back to the electricity companies for some added income. How’s that for a solution to today’s economical crisis? As you can see, building your solar panels can save you a lot of money on the electricity bill. If you don’t have any idea on how to install the panels, make sure that you call an expert and he will deal with the setup in just a few hours. Eventually, you will have a big cut from your monthly electricity bill or even manage to stay off grid. How’s that for a change?

Unleash The Power of Solar Energy in Your Home!
Unleash The Power of Solar Energy in Your Home!

How to build or modify your home to use solar power: Slash your energy bills, save the environment, and go off-grid!