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What is Parabolic Solar Oven All About?

Mention solar power to someone and they immediately consider photovoltaic panels. A parabolic solar oven, nevertheless, has a lot more practical usage when it comes to feeding ourselves.

While searching for ways to reduce making use of nonrenewable resources, you might experience solar power. Solar power, or solar energy, is the use of the sun’s rays to either produce energy (electricity), charge a battery, heat water or other fluids, passively heat homes through glass windows, and even cook foods.

When solar power is used to cook food it’s often in the kind of a solar oven, which can be used in place of fire wood and other fuels in order to cook meals. One popular type of solar oven is the parabolic solar oven, used over others for many reasons.

How A Parabolic Solar Oven Works

A parabolic solar oven gathers the sun’s rays by using a reflective surface area in a parabola, or curved shape. There are several designs of parabolic solar ovens offered, and there are guidelines offered to develop the majority of them.

The parabolic style allows for food to cook at much the same rate as a standard oven, making it more convenient than other outdoor cooking methods such as campfires. Furthermore, given that the parabolic solar oven does not use wood or other fuel, it’s quicker to start cooking and needs little time to set up – whereas with a campfire, you’ve got to hang around hunting for firewood, as well as lighting the fire and awaiting it to fume.

How to Build A Parabolic Solar Oven

One simple way to begin building your own parabolic solar oven is by utilizing a ready-made dish antenna (obviously, utilize one that somebody has disposed of). Its parabolic shape is perfect for producing the oven, and all you need to do is coat the inside with a reflective substance, such as a mirror finish reflective aluminum sheet. Other people prefer to start their parabolic solar oven with more of a bowl shape, as they believe this enables food inside to cook better and helps to shelter the food from the wind.

When you have the parabolic solar oven, you need to think about the cooking pot. The parabolic solar oven must be oriented to the sun. If you think of a magnifying glass, the pot must lie where the glass focuses its beam. Once in position, the oven ought to work for 60 to 90 minutes. If the food is not cooked by then or another pot needs heating, the oven should be adjusted to the orientation of the sun.

A Parabolic Solar Oven – The Safety Issues

When building your parabolic solar oven, make certain to constantly wear UV (ultraviolet) protective sunglasses that are darkly tinted. The reflection off the aluminum that helps to cook the food at a quick rate also can burn your retinas quite quickly.

You’ll also want to make sure to cover your parabolic solar oven whenever it’s not in use – this will prevent accidental flashes of light from blinding individuals in addition to prevent the oven from warming up when it’s not required. If you follow these simple steps, having your own parabolic solar cooker can be a fantastic property to your environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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