Solar Panels for Home – The Various Types with the Characteristics

Published in Solar Power on 18th March 2018

photovoltaic solar panelsIt is reasonable that a lot of home owners have installed solar panel in their home. The first thing that becomes a primer reason is that they can cut down their electricity expenditure. Modern people extremely rely on the electrical devices. Almost all equipment requires electricity such as fan, iron, freezer and many others.

Those things will break their bank account if they can find a real solution. On the other side, solar panels for home allow them to participate to save the planet. The solar panel system has been designed to get the advantage of sunlight to produce energy without endangering the environment due to renewable resource of sun.

Knowing the fact that people are very interested in applying solar panel system, they have to understand what solar system and different types of solar system. Basically, solar panel is storage of power which is caught from sunlight.

There are cells in the panel which produce and also transfer energy. The batteries are provided in order that the panel still produces energy during the absence of sun. Therefore, the panel can provide energy from sunlight anytime. When it is seen from the shape, the panel comes in flat and rectangular shape.

Various Types of Solar Panels for Home

1. Mono Silicon Panel. Further, they have to notice that solar panels for home come in various types. The most expensive solar panel might be Mono Silicon Panel. Compared to other panels, this panel is considered as the best panel.

Nevertheless, people have to prepare high budget to have it. Silicon becomes a material making this panel. As the result, it truly works proficiently even in low light conditions. Mono silicon panel is very effective and efficient to produce energy from sunlight for residential use. That becomes a reason that this panel is very popular for the time being.

2. Multi Silicon Panel. Another type of solar panels for home is Multi Silicon Panel. This panel produces less electricity compared with the previous one. It becomes a weakness of this panel. They can get this panel in low price. Those who have a limited budget can pick this panel and install it in their home.

When they install this kind of solar panel at their home, they can make up for efficiency loss due to this panel’s construction design. Therefore, it is really good for their roof. In short, it becomes the advantage that can be obtained from this panel.

3. Amorphous Panel. Another option for low cost solar panel is Amorphous Panel. This kind of panel is also called thin film, cadmium telluride, or copper indium gallium (di)selenide. However, it is well-known with the name “thin film”.

This cannot be put on the roof. Instead, it requires a large space to locate it. This panel becomes the cheapest panel than the others. The consequence is that it is less efficient. Besides it is cheap, the popularity of amorphous panel is caused by shadow protected panels as well.

4. Building Integrated Photovoltaics. The next type of solar panels for home is BIPV. It stands for building integrated photovoltaics. Applying this panel on the roof will look like real roofing tiles. Besides providing energy for home appliances, it improves the look of the house as well.

Due to good look obtained from this panel, it is sold in high cost. However, it doesn’t provide efficiency. It means that people have to make sure that they have a spacious roof to put this kind of panel. It can be said that the only benefit which can be gotten from this panel is its good look.

5. Solar Hot Water Panel. The last option is Solar Hot Water Panel. Actually, not all panels have been designed to generate energy for electrical devices. There is a panel which has been made to heat the water tank only. This panel is called solar hot water panel. It is also named with solar thermal panel. Its function is to heat water. It can heat pool as well. Even, some systems have been completed in the panel to provide air conditioning.


These are various types of solar panels for home. Consideration has to be made before purchasing a solar panel for instance the budget, the need of energy, and the space for the panel. Having understood the different types of solar panels with their characteristics, it is expected that people have a clear thought about solar systems in order to make a correct solar panel for their home.

Unleash The Power of Solar Energy in Your Home!
Unleash The Power of Solar Energy in Your Home!

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