Solar Power Applications – Uses for Solar Energy in Day to Day Life

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Lots of people, myself included, have continued about the advantages of solar energy. While academic arguments are constantly intriguing, what about day-to-day applications?

Solar energy is an essential advancement in the initiative to conserve the environment. Probably the most easily useful and most practical of the renewable energy resources (which additionally include wind and water), solar energy has been utilized because the beginning of time as a home heating resource.

Solar Power Uses for Home Appliances

In the 1830’s among the other solar power applications was developed, as a solar power stove was utilized on a safari. Ever since, lots of other solar power applications have been developed, and almost everybody can benefit from one of these.

Among the most typical of the solar power application is to utilize it as a source of power. Since the 1970’s, lots of people have been putting solar panels on their roofs and using the resulting gathered power to run their households. While having sufficient solar panels to get power that will run an entire home might not prevail, it is becoming more so.

A lot of these kinds of solar powered homes run their devices and other requirements straight off the solar collectors’ power throughout the day, and utilize power that was stored from the solar cells in batteries during the night. This way, the home owner can avoid ever having to utilize power that was produced by a non-renewable source.

Solar Energy for Water Heating System

An additional of the typical solar power applications is to utilize solar energy to heat your hot water system. These systems can either utilize passive solar power (when it comes to heating up a storage tank of water by leaving it out in the sunlight) or by utilizing solar collectors with a heat transfer liquid.

These systems need the home owner to set up photovoltaic panels, behind which run tubes loaded with liquid. These tubes gather the heat from the sunlight and move it into the liquid– these tubes, loaded with the heated liquid, then run around a water storage system, and the heat from the liquid is moved into the water.

An additional means is to have water going through the tubes and have it get the sunlight’s heat directly – this heated water is then pumped into swimming pools, so that swimming pool owners don’t require to run a swimming pool heating system to keep their water warm.

Portable Solar Power System – An Advanced Innovation

In the last 10 to 15 years, solar producers have actually begun to create new innovative solar power applications. One advancement is the portable solar panel, a prominent product utilized on Recreational vehicles (RVs) by travelers.

On a smaller sized range, there are photovoltaic panel packs that fold out like a tiny ledger and are utilized to power up anything from laptops to cellular phone. As time goes by, brand-new products along this line are expected to remain to come on the marketplace.


No matter which of the solar power applications you pick to apply in your own house or life– even a small change to solar power over conventional source of power can help the environment. The more we can utilize solar power, the less reliant we become on non-renewable sources, and the more we help the planet.

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