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Discover Why Aquaponics is Environmentally Friendly and More Rewarding

Unlike hydroponics, which basically just uses a chemical bath for the plants roots to save water and maximize plant growth, aquaponics helps feed people twice over. Not only do you grow plants with this system, but you can also grow fish. Given that the global the human population has a growing need for protein, this […]

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What are the Best Fish to Use in Your Aquaponics System?

As you probably already know, aquaponics requires fish to operate, and these fish will create waste. This waste is then processed by bacteria in the water into a chemical form (nitrates) that the plants you’re growing will process. This is a complimentary system where fish waste gets into plant food and some of the plants […]

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3 Challenges of Aquaponics and How to Overcome Them

Most aquaponics hobbyists are very passionate about their aquariums and plants. After all, building a self-supporting ecosystem that enables you to not only grow fish, but grow luscious vegetables as well can be a very rewarding experience. If you pick the right crops, let’s say certain types of lettuce, you can actually make a tidy […]

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How to Recharge a Dead Car Battery Using Another Car Battery

Have you ever experienced this situation, stuck with your car in the middle of your trip because of its battery died and didn’t function at all? Most of us hate this situation don’t we? You don’t want to be stuck in such a situation and god forbid, if at all you do find out that […]

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7 Ideas of Renewable Energy to Power Your Home

Unless you’re rich, you’re most constantly on the lookout for methods to conserve a couple dollars. Among the very best methods to cut your monthly expenses is by buying renewable resource. Not from the power plant, however things you can frighten up yourself. Utilizing renewable energy to power your home can minimize or totally remove […]

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