Reduce The Risk of Additives With Homemade Energy Drink

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We can see range of energy drinks in cans or in bottles on TV commercials, in the market and even in local shops. Each of them are promoting and informing you about how it would increase your resistance, healthy performance and mind functions. Persuading you about its possible advantages, and its special particular that differ give them the edge among the other brand.

However, these energy drinks are rather costly and for some individuals who are health mindful learnt that these are not safe to consume at all times due to the factor that a few of the brands include artificial additives and high dosages of stimulants such as caffeine, which may trigger worst impact on them.

Make Your Own to Minimize The Risks

Why try to suffer the consequences of these items, where you can simply make your own homemade energy drink? You can pick the ingredients you want, depending on your taste and the most advantage about this is that, you understand it’s clean and you understand about the procedures that the ingredients go through.

Homemade energy drinks may consist of lower amount of sugar and caffeine, which damage the health of an individual. These are purely natural however it will still depend on the way of making the homemade energy drink.

There are various varieties of recipe you can choose from in making homemade energy drinks. You can mix many ingredients to create a taste that is more gratifying and would provide you the sufficient energy that you need.

Some recipes of homemade energy drink vary from one another. There are energy drinks, which are mixed with alcohol, dish that is somewhat the same with milkshake, and other dishes that have different results, and depends upon the required energy of the person who will take the Energy drink.

The common components of commercialized energy drinks are caffeine, guarana, taurine, amino acids, vitamin B, some minerals and sometimes alcohol. Some individuals likewise use sugar, sodium, water, and other natural extracts but not that much energy that commercial energy drinks provide.

Nevertheless, if you will try to make your own version of homemade energy drinks you will need the following ingredients: lemon juice, honey, water, salt and baking soda. The quantity or the ratio of each part will be based upon how much you are going to produce.

Good thing about the homemade energy drink item is this, you can alter the quantity of components anytime you desire. You can add or reduce the measurement depending on your desired taste and effect. From a quart of water to a glass of lemon juice, as long as you feel comfy with the outcome of the taste you can do so.


Homemade energy drink is getting popular. Individuals discover it as a best option for fulfilling their energy requires in every activity that are suppose to do. It will cost you a bit from the time that you will purchase the ingredients of the dish however in the end, you will actually benefit from it. Do not worry since you can constantly use the staying components that you purchased in your previous recipe of homemade energy drink.