10 Alternate Sustainable Energy Sources to Live Well With Global Warming

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Feeling hot under the collar?

Glaciers and polar ice are melting, ocean levels are increasing, hot, dry weather condition, excessive forest fires, water constraints, crop failures…

You name it, if these don’t include in your life yet, they soon will. Global warming and climate change are facts of life now, according to the International Panel on Climate Change, and lots of researchers.

Huge problems beyond our control!

Are you hot under the collar?

If you’re not, you probably live in a city where half of the Earth’s people live now and take much for approved. Because in city living we are far eliminated from natural processes that deliver our clothing, food and energy.

Does your child even understand that milk originates from a cow – or a soya bean if you’re that way inclined – and not from a milk container?

Witnesses are the 15,000 mainly elderly individuals that passed away in Paris alone in the sizzling hot European summertime of 2003. Or the many killed in New Orleans at the ‘hands’ of cyclone Katrina.

And if you are hot under the collar, do you think possibly that there will be some miraculous scientific break-through so they ever-responsible ‘They’ will fix the Earth? The supreme stem cell technology maybe that can clone a brand-new house for us!

Seriously, for much of us it is simply all too hard.

All we want is to live a life where we may raise our kids to have a future.

A future of some predictability: of schooling, a job, a family, neighborhood, of achievements and an enjoyable life – on a healthy world Earth.

Is this a fading dream, when a reasonable expectation?

Maybe, possibly not.

Our world is altering. And these modifications will not match human life as it is.

But you are not powerless.

Each person alone can alter the world, one by one. Let me describe.

Do I state that these problems are under our control then?

Well, yes and no.

We are discussing a significantly handicapped world truly.

And from the experience of impairment we can discover how to survive and grow!

“Come on, get genuine”, you state? Do I hear: “Just show me the ideal alternative energy sources and we’ll get out of this mess.”

Yes, we frantically do require to change to renewable resource sources that do not make a greenhouse out of our home, the Earth. But all the innovation in the world will never suffice to survive and grow.

Renewable energy sources alone will not teach us to accept limits, unpredictability and what it is to lead a rewarding life.

How we have lived jointly, in our billions, for the last few a century, has got us to this point. And by altering what we do we can endure environment change as best as we might.

Even now.

It’s easy and it’s effort. No way out of that.

Many people with serious impairments know this. And they report the same or much better life satisfaction as anyone else– under highly difficult, susceptible scenarios.

We can find out to live well in a handicapped world.

No matter what is to come you and I will be well served by the beliefs and techniques that individuals with impairments use to – not simply to endure – but to live well.

These are true alternate energy sources.

Those that direct us how to utilize what we have sustainably.

These ‘disabled individuals’ think this:

  • Accept that all of us are fragile and susceptible
  • The world has lots of limitations. We require some of these to live well
  • Vulnerability and dependence are an unavoidable part of a whole life
  • No-one is independent, but synergistic
  • Connection with others is our lifeline and our health and wellbeing

And they do this:

  • Engage with others to construct positive relationship, where you live, play and work
  • Pay attention to other’s requirements which of the environment
  • Take obligation for the circumstance you’re in
  • Care for others and the environment competently
  • Be assertive and utilize your humor and imagination

Not all individuals with specials needs act in this way obviously. And I ‘d be the last to represent individuals with impairments as heroes. We’re simply individuals – trying to get on.

You try that!

Speak with that senior female in your street. Deal a hand when someone needs it.

Doing such small things will connect you with others and your environment.

And do likewise utilize the ‘routine’ renewable alternate energy sources, and recycle too.

You can alter your regional world by acting in these methods.

And if all stops working – regardless?

Well, it’s the only method to go!

Perhaps your world might be just as hot but it’ll be cooler under your collar!